Tuesday, December 15, 2009

the nevers.

a cute little idea i stole from cathy.

i've never really learned how to swim (i can thank evil miss nancy for that.)
i'll never be 'that' thin.
i've never loved my family more than i do right now.
i never remember the date that nate and i met (don't worry - he doesn't either.)
i never thought i would have a family at 22.

i never thought i would own a restaurant either.
i've never liked vegetables.
i've never met an ice cream flavor i didn't like.
i never talk to those people i swore to be friends for life with.
i never use an umbrella.
i never avoid an argument.
i'll never be able to watch the animal planet shows where animals die.
i'll never let cash own a snake. or a spider.
i've never mastered parallel parking.
i never read a book without reading the ending first.
i'll never stop missing my dad.


  1. I'll never stop missing him, either...

  2. I just read this .... I actually started to cry ... But I for a fact know you do use an umbrella .. since you used mine to cross the street yesterday! lol ;)

  3. i love this picture of you and your daddy...i think its my all time favorite. i like your nevers...i have a lot of the same ones! teehee! my favorite one about you???...thats a toughie but im going to have to go with the argument one! i love that about you!

    and i just have to say what is up with the words that the verification robots come up with? i just got 'remercle' ????? who comes up with these?