Monday, December 14, 2009

the piper mess.

piper has a habit of eating things that aren't edible (like the fireplace.)
and things that shouldn't be edible (like the cat poop.)
and there isn't much human food that she turns away.
she's generally pretty good about not getting in the trash. except when there are coffee filters in easy reach (and nate says I'M addicted to coffee.)

but today, when we went to get mom and were gone for 15 MINUTES, she ate a coffee filter, a stick of butter from the counter, an entire bag of cat treats, the wax from the little babybel cheese, all of the cat poop that was in the litter box, and chewed up a part of a white garland amanda was working on.
and what's more awesome?
she just had a MASSIVE accident in the house. two minutes after amanda took her out to go potty.



  1. Another reason I "don't" want a dog. YUCK!!

  2. I just LOVE the picture that goes with it... Cash-man doesn't look too happy with her either. Ha~Ha! =]

  3. katy - the cat is a guest :] amanda and her cat are staying with us for a little while.

    heather - i know, right!? i think he was mad that she wouldn't relinquish her bed to him.