Tuesday, January 5, 2010


i don't just 'love' things. i become a bit obsessed (just ask nate!)
and since it's so fun to share, i'm tagging all of my 'obsession' posts so they're easy to track. not that you would necessarily want to...more like, i'm really bored because the restaurant has been SLOOOOW today (people! you just got paid, why aren't you eating out??) and i've been thinking about my latest obession all day.

behold: the faux polaroid!

i REEEEALLY want a fuji instax (i told nate that's what i want for my birthday - he wasn't amused. i think his exact words were, what the hell do you need another camera for!? silly man - when is he going to realize that i am going to get one anyway?) but i think i'm stuck with the faux stuff for now.
also? i've ordered a bunch of prints to do this in our bedroom. SO EXCITED.


  1. woot!woot! very cool you crazy girl!

  2. oh my gosh, I want one too! soooo badly. how do you make your pics into these fake poloroids? i love it!