Thursday, January 7, 2010

you, with the crappy attitude. you're on my list.

you know that imaginary scroll you keep in your head of stuff that pisses you off?
like, for instance, ketchup, the devil's condiment. (yes, i realize i own the wrong kind of restaurant for not liking ketchup. whatever.)
today i added a few more people to that list.

you, the one that balked at having to pay for the tots you ate - you suck. (am i unaware of a restaurant that you can order food that you don't have to pay for? how do i get in on that?)

you, anonynmous poster that has nothing but crappy, unconstructive things to say about something that we have poured everything we have into - i really want to find out where you work so i can go there and treat you like crap.

you, the person who decided i couldn't take cash to the birthing center to meet his new cousin because he is apparently a walking petri dish of germs - i cursed your name the whole way home. (i'm pretty sure a one year old has never killed someone with their mere presence. also? pretty sure a couple germs never killed anyone either.)

and finally, you, with the crappy attitude that stiffed me today - you REALLY suck.

working with the public is AWESOME. (nope - not a lick of sarcasm here.)


  1. Girl lets just kill em with kindness ... we will always win with stupid people~! oh and ketchup ..yeah its the devil! lol

  2. what the heck? people are soooo stupid. i know that killing with kindness is the way to go (argh, you are right hillary)...but sometimes...i just want to kill...with killingness. too bad that is way frowned upon in our society.