Friday, February 26, 2010

the weekender.

we're headed to pacific city with the rest of the family for the weekend.
i've been looking forward to this since christmas. seriously.

[[picture pre-haircut. sniff!]]

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

saving the screams for later.

true to cash form, he surprised us and didn't cry once during his hair cut.
the lollipop helped.
janet asked if i gathered up all his curls in a baggie - i replied, no, i'm not a freak.
i did however chop a curl off while he was watching jungle book last night.
i definitely miss them.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

somebunny's getting a haircut.

first haircut EVER.
i'm both excited (excited to be rid of the 'crazy einstsein look he has going on most mornings) and sad (sad to see his baby curls go.)

look for angry/screaming pictures soon.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

ohhhh, you.

i bought this little beauty this week - i can't freaking WAIT until it gets here.
happy late valentine's day to me :]

[[btw - this seller? is awesome. AND her name is sarah - therefore making her even awesome-er.]]

Thursday, February 18, 2010

[nail] obsession.

i'm crazy about painting my nails - i have a weird thing about it. i have hands that look like a little boys if my nails aren't painted.
dark colors used to be standard - dark purple, dark red and black.
then one day i got a wild hair up my ass and painted them hot pink.
now there's no turning back.

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Tuesday, February 16, 2010


cash has TWO new pairs of shoes now - hooray for outlet shopping (and awesome grandmas!)

((and yes, that's my finger in the corner - i'm stellar at taking pictures with my phone.))

Monday, February 15, 2010

passionate. a nice word for obsessed.

am now COMPLETELY obsessed with
even though i swore i wouldn't succumb to its shiny, fabulous pictures.
and oh-so-easy way of favoriting them.

[[image found via duh.]]

Sunday, February 14, 2010

shoe woes.

no secret here - cash has big feet. i joke that he was born with skis for feet. ((funny story: nate had planned to have cash's footprints tattooed on the inside of his arm, only to discover that his feet were too big.))
and ever since we started putting shoes on those flinstone feet, it's been a constant battle to find shoes that actually fit. before he was walking it wasn't too big of a deal.
now? it's a serious problem.
the first pair of 'real' shoes i put on him, he flopped onto the ground, doing his best dramatic impression of how horrible this torture was. (have no idea where he got the tendency to be dramatic, by the way.) when in reality, they probably did hurt his feet.
mom bought him a pair of SU-WEET Robeez for christmas (they looked like little old man shoes - seriously, the coolest shoes ever.) i went to put them on him today - could barely get his toes in.
he has one pair of furry boots that still fit, but once it starts warming up, he's shoe-less. HELP. where can i find shoes for my little flinstone that aren't lame??

happy valentine's.

you should hug your favorite person today.
they'll like it.

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Friday, February 12, 2010

some lovely hearts.

i've never been much into valentine's day - just not a mushy kind of gal.
for some reason though, i'm really loving hearts this season.

maybe it has something to do with the fact that i will be spending this valentine's day very romantically helping at the restaurant. watching other people be mushy with each other. i'll have to restrain myself from vomiting.

that aside, these hearts captured me.

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Thursday, February 11, 2010

the yoga-ness.

i'm coming up on 3 weeks of (nearly) daily yoga sessions. it's been amazing.
i'm sleeping better (was having trouble keeping my minds from wandering. and yes - i said minds. me and the voice in the back of my head apparently can't handle the silence. is that normal?)
and i'd like to think that i'm getting more flexible and fit (though every time i go to do a wide angle forward bend, my hamstrings say otherwise.)
i've even gotten nate hooked on it.
here's to making healthy changes stick.

[[complete sidenote: when i typed the title to this post, i kept typing 'yogi-ness.' as in, one who has the likeness of yogi bear. also? apparently yogi is what you call a person who does yoga. who knew?]]

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

the spring cold.

this one has been sick for a couple days now. ran a fever and refused to eat yesterday. today he seems to be doing marginally better. thankfully he's been in a good mood despite being sick (which is a change from the RAGING BEAST he was the last time he was sick.)
i'm ready to be done with the snot that seems to be covering every surface of the house though.

Sunday, February 7, 2010


i get to spend tomorrow scrapping (SO. EXCITED.) it's been months since i've had uninterrupted scraptime and i'm so stoked that i get to do it with my besties julie and amanka (and my mom!) i'm feeling a little rusty, so i've been trolling for inspiration - nothing inspires me more than a fabulous photo! (sidenote: am now totally obsessed with this damn website - because i don't have enough to do already.)

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Saturday, February 6, 2010

yes, PLEASE.

so we've been trying to teach cash sign language for about 6 months now. just simple words like dirty, milk, thank you, etc. he hasn't really grasped much of it (occasionally he'll do milk, but mostly he just bangs his head on the fridge whenever he wants some milk.) ever since he got into this fascination with jungle book, we've been trying to get him to sign 'please' (instead of the whining, screaming fits he's been doing when he wants to watch the movie.) well 2 days ago, HE FREAKING SIGNED PLEASE. and then? the next day? he TOTALLY DID IT AGAIN. oh my stars, nate and i were so excited that we watched that damn movie 3 times in a row. AND I DON'T EVEN CARE. and now? HE DOES IT ALL THE TIME. in fact, when i showed him this video, he totally signed 'please' along with himself. i know this doesn't make him a genius, but i'm pretty sure it puts him in the running.

Friday, February 5, 2010

the evil baby.

when my cousin graham was a toddler, he was evil. and i'm not even exaggerating - he was EVIL. for some reason, he took 'terrible twos' to a whole new level - there wasn't anything he wouldn't destroy. eventually he grew out of it and now he is absolutely the sweetest kid i know.

but ever since having to babysit during his 'evil' years, there is no tantrum that can quite compare. even on cash's worst days, he was no where near evil-baby status.

until yesterday.

a day that will go down in history. a day that i was just minutes from tying him up in the front yard and locking the doors. a day that i'm not looking forward to repeating any time soon.

if cash does become afflicted with the evil-baby gene, hopefully he'll grow up to be as sweet as graham. if not - i'm sending him to boarding school. NOT EVEN JOKING.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

further proof old men are my favorite.

my grandpa bob's best friend was roger - he used to come to the farm all the time to hang out and drink coffee. when i was younger, my grandma norma would watch me while my parents were at work and for some reason, roger really took to me.

so much so that every time he would come over, he would bring me a giant mr. goodbar - just cause he could. i think he did it partly because my grandma was very health conscious and didn't have any 'unhealthy' treats in the house. i just loved him. i think i was just as excited to see him as i was my grandpa. and he'll always have a very special place in my heart.

on our wedding day, roger came up to me and gave me a HUGE hug - i hadn't seen him in awhile and was absolutely tickled that he came. after a bear hug, he handed me a giant hershey's bar (in a ziploc baggie with ice since it was 102 degrees out!) and said, 'i couldn't find a mr. goodbar, but i knew i couldn't show up without some chocolate!'

i tear up now just thinking about it. thank you roger - for always making me feel like the most special girl in the world. (and don't worry - you don't need to buy me a pony anymore.)

his son came into the restaurant today (he's actually been in before and i didn't even realize it.) he's the spitting image of his dad and i couldn't help but think about him all day today. he loves the food so much here that he wants to put his name on one of the tables - i told him i would happily oblige.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


he had his one year check up appointment yesterday.
weighing in at 30 pounds, he's off the charts for his weight (i could barely mask my surprise.)
95 percentile every where else - i was shocked to see he's grown almost 2 and a half inches since his last appointment.
when the doctor came in he said, 'obviously he's growing well.'
and i actually laughed at the nurse when she asked if he was eating table food.
i've never been too worried about his development :]