Saturday, March 20, 2010


cash --

i wish every day could be like today.
after spending much of the morning running errands like we do every saturday, we came home and had a snack on the front porch.
played with your big tonka truck.
then spent the next 2 HOURS laying on a blanket in the yard.
we talked about the blue sky and the birds flying above.
you saw your first airplane (at least the first that you could focus on.)
you spent 10 minutes jabbering away, motioning with your hands and pacing back and forth on the blanket - you were telling me a story and you had my undivided attention.
you ran your fingers through my hair.
and laid down with your head on my tummy.
you gave me about a thousand kisses.
and i sang 'leaving on a jet plane' to you (you laughed - which was kind of insulting.)
when i dreamt about being a mom, this afternoon was exactly what i had envisioned.
it was perfection.
i want to remember it forever.

love you, little pumpkin


  1. arorycnonnie@comcast.netMarch 21, 2010 at 4:57 PM

    CAN YOU BE MY MOMMY?? you always bring tears to my eyes I am so proud of you...all my love

    lov you mija

  2. can you be my mommy....jk,,you always brings tears ..iam ssooo proud of isn't so bad either lol