Monday, April 12, 2010

el dorado.

cash -

you have quite the obsessive little personality.
there are certain things you JUST LOVE. and everything else pales in comparison to its awesome-ness.
in march, you abandoned your deep love for jungle book. (i wasn't all that sad.)
for awhile, you had zero interest in anything other than your osu football.
but in the past couple weeks, you must (and i mean, MUST) watch el dorado 4 or 5 times a week. and you bob your head to the music, laugh at parts that you shouldn't already know are funny and if we watch it in the morning, you'll climb onto the couch and snuggle with me (it's my favorite.)

i bought you sidewalk chalk last week and you want to be outside ALL THE TIME now.
doesn't matter if it's raining and cold out. or if you're still in your pajamas and haven't even eaten breakfast yet.
your temper tantrums are a part of daily life.
and i swear you can speak english perfectly fine. every once in awhile, your constant jabber will sound like real, actual sentences. and i'll look at you and say, 'did you really just say that?' and you'll look at me and laugh (seriously. you've done it TWICE this week. quit screwing with mama!!!)

you get your signs confused now. when you want something, you wave goodbye, sign 'please' and 'milk,' clap your hands and then flap your arms up and down because you are so frustrated that you don't know how to tell me what you need. a lot of times you'll grab my hand and drag me into the kitchen and we play 20 questions until i figure it out (i'll ask, are you hungry? and you just look at me. then i'll ask, are you thirsty? and you'll furiously start signing 'please' and nodding your head. it's so cute.)

i just taught you how to point at something you want. just this morning you dropped a soap bottle into the bathtub and started grunting and carrying on. i knelt down next to you, pointed at the bottle and said, 'is that what you want?' and you signed 'please!' and i said, 'point to what you want, like this [pointing at bottle.'] you studied my hand for about half a second, lifted your right hand and pointed at the bottle - then you squealed with glee and started signing 'please' frantically. it. was. awesome.

some days it's hard juggling you and all the other responsibilities in our lives. but you? you make it a thousand times worth it. i live to see your smiling face in the morning. even though sometimes i don't always smile back (your mommy isn't a morning person. just work with her, ok?)

just know that there are times when i have to be somewhere else. but i'm missing you every second i'm gone. and that i can't WAIT to get home to you.

love you little pumpkin.
your momma.

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