Thursday, April 22, 2010

the parenting debate.

due mostly to our daycare woes, but also because i've been yearning to spend more time with cash, we've decided to re-arrange my schedule so that i can be with him during the day for a couple days a week.
on a really good day, i'm excited about all the fun things we are going to get to experience together.
on a not so good day...i wonder...what the heck am i thinking?

it's interesting...when we finally decided this is what we were going to do, some of our friends scoffed at the notion of not putting him in daycare (how will he develop social skills, i tell you!?)
other friends applauded me for devoting as much time as i can to being his mother.
being a parent automatically opens up every decision you make to the judgement of everyone around you.
no matter what, someone thinks that something we are doing is wrong and forever damaging to him.

they say parenthood is exhausting - it never occurred to me that some of the most exhausting moments would be explaining yourself and your decisions.
oy vey.


  1. This is always the case. Every decision you make should be one that works for you, not what works for others. I am glad that you chose this route you will never regret it. And Cash he will love you even more...

  2. Isn't it lovely? EVERYONE has somethin' to say, and that will always be the case. Stay true to what you believe is right for you and your family, and you'll do just fine. Oh, and this "social skills" BS? (I just HAVE to put in my 'two-sense.') In MY oppinion? That's what it is... BS. :) My kids have never stepped foot inside a daycare, and they are PLEEEEENNNNTY social. LOL! You're doing a GOOD job girl. Cash is LUCKY to have a Momma like you, and just remember... You can't get these moments back. Make the best of every single one...