Monday, May 31, 2010

the cousin.

khalea came for a visit this saturday.
it went a little something like this:

to make up for all of this adorable-ness, cash pushed khalea off my lap 2 minutes later (she didn't fall, but she didn't like it either. and thus commenced THE CRYING.)
he also tried to squish her head and sit on her.
frankly, i'm surprised all three of us survived the night. (not gonna lie though - it was nice to have him so voluntarily snuggly.)

Saturday, May 29, 2010

tales from the baker:part deux

i managed to get through shaping, 40 minutes of rising and pre-heating oven with no serious hang ups (turns out my cutting-board-as-a-pizza-peel didn't work so well. also didn't have cornmeal like the recipe called for...thankfully i am the master of improvising.)

i also managed to get all the way to putting the dough in the oven without taking a single picture. hence, a picture of my floured, failure as a pizza peel, cutting board.

hey look - a broiler pan!

30 minutes later - tadaaaaa! bread. and it doesn't even look like i f'ed it up.
from the outside at least.

its ok - i'm just as surprised as you are that i didn't screw this up.

Friday, May 28, 2010

tales from the baker.

not unlike tales from the crypt, i might add.
so. day one of the bread journey. i happened to score a sweet deal on this book, which was the very book that inspired me to give this whole bread making thing a try in the first place.
i decided i would take their advice and make my dough the day before i'm actually going to bake it (thus giving me ample time to somehow botch the whole thing.)
here goes:

terrified? why yes, i am.
it doesn't bode well for me that i had to google half of the 'items needed' list before i even got started (there are different kinds of all purpose flour? and what's a broiler pan? or a pizza peel?)
thankfully, with the help of my friends at google, turns out i had just about everything i needed (i indeed had a broiler pan - who knew!?) and for everything i didn't have, i had something close enough that i could make do.
now the really terrifying part - actually mixing ingredients. [[cringe]]

yeast is really weird.
just had to get that off my chest.

fold, don't knead.
like i know what proper kneading is anyway.

annnnnd, on to rising.
reminds me of frankenstein. its...its...ALIVE!
then i store it away in the fridge till tomorrow (in a bowl with a lid, which i don't have. but i am like a ninja with saran wrap.)

stay tuned for, tales from the baker - BAKING.

out on a limb.

if you've known me longer than 5 minutes, you know that i can't cook toast.
which makes the fact that i own a restaurant even more shocking (i maintain that i am in no way in charge of food - other than eating it.)
and all of the sudden i've got this wild hair up my butt to try something new.
and so? i'm going to attempt to make bread.
god help us all.

[[picture taken in our yard back when it was sunny. many moons ago. hear that oregon? WEEKS AGO.]]

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


oh my god you guys - alice in wonderland comes out june 1st!
the day before my birthday...coincidence? i think NOT.

i will admit...i didn't enjoy this movie as much as i thought i would.
mostly because my dad wasn't there with me.
it was the first tim burton movie i saw in the theaters without him.
and it hit me a lot harder than i'd imagined.

dad loved movies (LOVED.)
there will never be a time that i watch a new movie and don't think about him.
we used to email it each other back and forth at work, telling one another about the movies we'd just seen.

the first time i watched star trek, i cried the whole way through.
because he would have loved that movie so much (and was crazy excited about it coming out.)
now every time i miss him most, i want to watch it over and over.

tim burton movies were our favorite though.
watching sleepy hollow on halloween will never be the same.

Monday, May 24, 2010

on notice.

dear oregon,


it's may, for god's sake. the END of may.
where's my sunshine?
where's my nice, 68 degree weather?
i really don't think i'm being unreasonable.
and if it rains on my birthday?
i might just move to arizona.
and oregon would be a whole lot less awesome without me around.
just saying.
consider yourself officially on notice.


Sunday, May 23, 2010


too often we focus on the things that drive us crazy about this place.
the grass we can't keep mowed.
the expense of keeping the house warm.
the ants. MY GOD THE ANTS.
when in reality, for me, this place is heaven.
nothing compares to the view from my front window - the fresh crops, the trees, the ever present deer eating my rose bushes (i call them nature's pruners.)
and? we get to do this every day - at least, every day that it isn't HAILING IN MAY:

Friday, May 21, 2010

'that' moment.

today i got to spend time with the most lovely group of women and it literally has my heart singing.
too often in the crazyness that is my life, i forget how many awesome and inspiring women i have around me.
tonight was exactly the kind of 'group therapy' i needed.
terry, ruth, tiffany: i miss the days when we used to work together. but i'm so excited (and proud. and HAPPY.) that we are on the paths we are on now. i'm going to cherish the snippets of time we actually get to spend together. and i'm going to remember that 'you aren't just saying that,' when you say you want to help. and i can't wait until we do this again next month. LOVE YOU.

to make my night even more freaking awesome, i got the sweetest comment on le blog from an awesome, AWESOME mom i've been blog stalking for over a year. made. my. night. thanks boho girl.


dear adam lambert -

your song is really starting to grow on me.
damn you.


ps - if you ever tell anybody, i'll hunt you down and steal your eye liner.

Thursday, May 20, 2010


i bought cash size 5 diapers yesterday.
i'm more than a little worried that i'm going to have to buy him adult depends before he gets potty trained.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


cash --

the older you get, the more distinct your features are becoming.
you have my muscular legs and flinstone feet. (the first thing the nurses said about you in the delivery room was that you had super strong legs. they were right.)
you've got skin like your dad and i, that tans in minutes in the sun.
you've got your dads pouty bottom lip (but you get the knowledge of how to use it from me.)
you have my cheeks.
and your dad's crazy blue eyes.
your eyebrows are all me though.
and your hair? straight from your grandpa. sandy blonde that i'm sure will darken eventually.

you know what else? we think you are the cutest thing ever.

love you little pumpkin -- mom and dad.

Monday, May 17, 2010


i'm pretty sure my brain just exploded with the cuteness that is cash in shorts and his new sandals.
but seriously - his chubby little flinstone feet in sandals = adorable.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

a hint of mint.

this weekend went by far too fast.
saturday i spent all day running errands, chasing after cash, going to a bridal shower, chasing after cash, hanging out with julie and nathan, more chasing of the cash monster. phew.
in other news, (and this is completely girly and lame. don't say i didn't warn you.) i found a new shade of nail polish that i am just DYING over. it's the perfect minty blue and i'm in love.
that's all.

Friday, May 14, 2010

[chalk] obsession.

cash and i could play with sidewalk chalk all day long.
and we frequently do.
i think it's the prettiest.

[[all images found via weheartit]]

Thursday, May 13, 2010

the intruder.

two days ago i came home to a bird in our bathroom. i still have no idea how it got in, but once i got over the shock factor of having yet ANOTHER intruder in our house, i opened the window and flew right out.

(sidenote: it does not escape my attention that having a bird intruder is far superior than having ANTS! or mutant raccoons living in my attic. but still. he didn't seem to be a bird of the disney persuausion as i found no evidence that he tried to mop or make me a dress out of ribbon and some old fabric. therefore he is not welcome.)

all seemed well until this starting happening:

honestly, i have half a mind to let him back in, if for no other reason then to stop the pecking at the window ALL DAY LONG.
on one condition: he makes me that dress.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

a little bit of etsy love.

i am absolutely IN LOVE with the new stuff miss julie is creating.
she is such an inspiring lady :]

((and julie, if you're reading - i wouldn't turn down one of these beauties for my birthday either!:))

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

a day in the life.

anyone that knows us, knows there is no such thing as a normal day. or a typical day.
no 2 are the same, by any stretch of the imagination.
we are so busy and harried these days that everything seems to run together.
someday i'm not going to remember what the day in/day out of having a young son, a young restaurant and a young marriage was like.
so here goes a typical tuesday:

4:30 - nate's alarm goes off. he hits snooze a couple times. he lets the dog into the room so she can snuggle (read:spoon) with me on the bed.

6:00 - nate gives cash a kiss goodbye, then comes and gives me a kiss (and gives the dog some love too.) [[insert an hour of the bed all to myself ( the dog.)]]

7:00 - cash wakes up. starts talking to his sock monkey.

7:15 - cash's baby gibberish reaches RED ALERT because he wants some milk. milk mother, milk NOW! i give him a bottle and he promptly sits down and drinks away.

7:30 - cash finishes bottle, starts whining because he wants out now (and a diaper change, please.) if you've ever seen me in the morning, you know it's not a pretty sight. i stagger into his room to delighted squeals - mom! you're awake! get me outta here!

7:45 - cash is freshly diapered and dressed for the day (he soaks through his night time diaper EVERY. NIGHT.) he runs, i stagger into the kitchen to make the coffee. (if you don't think the first thing i'm going to teach him how to do is make a pot of coffee, you would be WRONG.)

8:00 - coffee is brewed. am starting to feel human again. he runs around like a crazy person, then picks a morning movie (i used to feel guilty about letting him watch a movie every morning. i've since gotten over it.) usually it's el dorado or shrek 2. i can recite both movies in their entirety - complete with voices for different characters. i have a scone for breakfast (which he eats half of) and have a glorious, glorious giant cup of coffee.

9:00 - i cut up some fruit for cash's breakfast (strawberries or a pear. he gets frozen blueberries if it's a bath day) he sits in his high chair to eat while i shower in 3 minutes flat. i get dressed, take the dog out, feed/water the ferrets, start a load of laundry, rinse the coffee pot, pack cash's lunch, dry my hair, take all the bags (purse, laptop and diaper bag, respectively) to the car, wipe down the baby, change his diaper (again) and put shoes on him. all while holding a cup of coffee.

10:00 - we head to grandma's house! (as soon as we pull into her driveway, he squeals and starts clapping his hands. grandma is the shit, people.) i talk to mom a bit, put his string cheese in the fridge, smother cash with kisses and then sneak out while he is convincing her to put the cars movie in.

10:15ish - i get to the restaurant, answer emails, twitter, check facebook, read eatsalem...and anything else that needs to be done.

11:00 - 4:00 - WORK.

4:15 - pick cash up from mom's. nothing compares to the look on his face when i walk in. nothing. talk to mom for a little bit, then head home.

4:30 - if it's nice, cash plays outside while i unload the car, take the dog out and decide on dinner. if it's gross out, we play in his room, read books (i saw it on mulberry street is his current fave,) play catch (in the house! i know, bad idea.)

5:30 - i start dinner while cash plays in the dog's water dish. we eat, he yammers on with his constant gibberish the whole time. i switch up the laundry while he's still confined to his high chair. piper gets her dinner and whatever cash throws on the floor for her.

6:00 - we play some more. read another book. take a bath if i'm feeling like getting soaked from head to toe. i fold clothes while cash hangs/unhangs all the tools on his little plastic tool bench.

7:00 - it's pajama time. cash gets a night time diaper that he will soak by the early morning. if he took an early nap, he's ready for bed. if not, we chase each other around the house to expel some energy.

7:15ish - meltdown city. time for a ba-ba and a blanket. cash starts signing 'milk' frantically. i lay him down with his bottle, wrapping his favorite blue blankie around his arm and up next to his face. he closes his eyes immediately.

7:30 - i do some yoga, wash the dishes, have something for desert (since i skipped dinner, i can totally have a snickers ice cream bar without feeling guilty.) give myself a manicure, switch laundry up again, finally collapse on the couch for some mind-numbing tv time.

9:00ish - nate finally makes it home. on a good day at least. some days he doesn't get home before 10:30. we talk about how the day went. he changes out of clothes that are covered in flour and smell like bacon. (honestly, sometimes he smells so porky delicious i want to lick his arm. too much info?) he checks his facebook, collapses on the couch. usually complains about whatever tv show i'm watching.

11:00ish - i check my email again before i go to bed. we brush our teeth. i read in bed. nate is asleep in ten minutes. it takes me way longer.

and guess what? 4:30 comes around really fast.
you know what else? we still have it really, really good.
yes, we're tired.
yes, we wish we could see more of each other. and of cash.
but right now, this is life.

Monday, May 10, 2010


when did my 'one cup in the morning' turn into 'one cup in the morning, one cup in the afternoon and well on our way to one cup with dinner?'
there goes my 'one cup of coffee per child' theory.
then again...sometimes running a restaurant DOES feel like running a daycare...
either way, my coffee addiction is getting worse.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

mother's day.

today i get to sleep in.
drink my coffee in peace.
take a shower that's longer than 3 minutes.
play outside all day with cash.
go to the noodle for dinner with some of my favorite people.

it's going to be a good day.

happy mother's day to all you moms out there - big fat long distance hugs for everyone!

Friday, May 7, 2010

really, this post needs no title.

because you haven't lived until you've fished a rubber ducky out of the toilet bowl.
the toilet bowl that you had just peed in.
added to the grocery list today: new kitchen tongs.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

the mom stare.

it has recently come to my attention that i, truly and honestly, can't stand most moms.
you know, random stranger-moms whose kids snatch rubber balls out of my sons hands at the playground (not that i really care about that - they're kids and they fight over stuff. whatever.)
it's the 'mom stare' that makes me want to scream.
you know, the 'i'm completely judging you, your child, how you raise him and...your sweater.'
i even find myself sub-conciously doing it sometimes and i want to slap me.

i took cash to the indoor playground today and it was 2 hours of constant 'judgy von holier than thou' stares.
and, 'why is your son trying to eat my sons face?' stares.
and, 'your son threw a ball in the general direction of my daughter - you must beat him' stares.
you know, WE think cash is insanely cute and awesome, but we're his parents. we would really suck if we didn't think that.
i know cash was just trying to give that boy a kiss (he's big into spreading the love.)
and i know he was just playing catch with himself when that little girl inadvertently got in his way.
but it's exhausting to keep having to explain and apologize for cash when really? he was just being a kid.

i really wish i didn't feel compelled to apologize for him being a little boy.
i really wish i could just tell those moms to shut the fuck up and mind their own business.
i really wish i had more confidence to do just let it be.
but, surprise! i don't.

when we got home, cash fell asleep in my arms on the way into the house, completely worn out from all the running around like a crazy person.
i snuggled him extra close before i laid him down. he rarely falls asleep like that anymore and i miss that time to smell the folds in his neck. (its my favorite.)
i know that i'm doing the best that i know how.
and i know that he's happy and healthy and pretty freaking rad.
i just need to get over this mental block.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

etsy love.

ohhhh, how i love thee sweet, sweet necklace.
happy mother's day to me.

Monday, May 3, 2010


i (shockingly enough) don't have anything really interesting to say.
this weekend was exhausting and i'm barely functioning, even though I woke up 3+ hours ago (it's time for a ba-ba and a blankie.)
so i'll leave you with this impossibly cute picture of cash.
his hair has finally gotten long enough that it doesn't look like a military crew cut (thank GOD.)
nate's taken to styling it whenever he has him for any stretch of time.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

the beach.

we hit lincoln city a couple weekends ago (you know, when it was still nice. stupid oregon and it's stupid rainstorms.)
these are some of my favorites.

cash's chubby little legs in shorts have got to be about the cutest thing i've ever seen.

hey! did you notice that newfangled, dealy-bob in the sidebar? i officially have a formspring - i'm surprisingly stubborn about giving in to new internet technology (remember how much convincing it took for me to finally get facebook?) but i've been curious about formspring. so i gave in.
for those that don't know, it's just a way for you (or whomever) to ask me questions. about whatever the heck you want.
questions that i may or may not answer.
thought it might be fun.
we shall see :]