Wednesday, May 26, 2010


oh my god you guys - alice in wonderland comes out june 1st!
the day before my birthday...coincidence? i think NOT.

i will admit...i didn't enjoy this movie as much as i thought i would.
mostly because my dad wasn't there with me.
it was the first tim burton movie i saw in the theaters without him.
and it hit me a lot harder than i'd imagined.

dad loved movies (LOVED.)
there will never be a time that i watch a new movie and don't think about him.
we used to email it each other back and forth at work, telling one another about the movies we'd just seen.

the first time i watched star trek, i cried the whole way through.
because he would have loved that movie so much (and was crazy excited about it coming out.)
now every time i miss him most, i want to watch it over and over.

tim burton movies were our favorite though.
watching sleepy hollow on halloween will never be the same.

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