Friday, May 21, 2010

'that' moment.

today i got to spend time with the most lovely group of women and it literally has my heart singing.
too often in the crazyness that is my life, i forget how many awesome and inspiring women i have around me.
tonight was exactly the kind of 'group therapy' i needed.
terry, ruth, tiffany: i miss the days when we used to work together. but i'm so excited (and proud. and HAPPY.) that we are on the paths we are on now. i'm going to cherish the snippets of time we actually get to spend together. and i'm going to remember that 'you aren't just saying that,' when you say you want to help. and i can't wait until we do this again next month. LOVE YOU.

to make my night even more freaking awesome, i got the sweetest comment on le blog from an awesome, AWESOME mom i've been blog stalking for over a year. made. my. night. thanks boho girl.

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