Friday, May 28, 2010

tales from the baker.

not unlike tales from the crypt, i might add.
so. day one of the bread journey. i happened to score a sweet deal on this book, which was the very book that inspired me to give this whole bread making thing a try in the first place.
i decided i would take their advice and make my dough the day before i'm actually going to bake it (thus giving me ample time to somehow botch the whole thing.)
here goes:

terrified? why yes, i am.
it doesn't bode well for me that i had to google half of the 'items needed' list before i even got started (there are different kinds of all purpose flour? and what's a broiler pan? or a pizza peel?)
thankfully, with the help of my friends at google, turns out i had just about everything i needed (i indeed had a broiler pan - who knew!?) and for everything i didn't have, i had something close enough that i could make do.
now the really terrifying part - actually mixing ingredients. [[cringe]]

yeast is really weird.
just had to get that off my chest.

fold, don't knead.
like i know what proper kneading is anyway.

annnnnd, on to rising.
reminds me of frankenstein. its...its...ALIVE!
then i store it away in the fridge till tomorrow (in a bowl with a lid, which i don't have. but i am like a ninja with saran wrap.)

stay tuned for, tales from the baker - BAKING.

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