Thursday, May 13, 2010

the intruder.

two days ago i came home to a bird in our bathroom. i still have no idea how it got in, but once i got over the shock factor of having yet ANOTHER intruder in our house, i opened the window and flew right out.

(sidenote: it does not escape my attention that having a bird intruder is far superior than having ANTS! or mutant raccoons living in my attic. but still. he didn't seem to be a bird of the disney persuausion as i found no evidence that he tried to mop or make me a dress out of ribbon and some old fabric. therefore he is not welcome.)

all seemed well until this starting happening:

honestly, i have half a mind to let him back in, if for no other reason then to stop the pecking at the window ALL DAY LONG.
on one condition: he makes me that dress.

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