Thursday, June 17, 2010

bright lights and a pretty fat.

so i sped through jen lancaster's bright lights, big ass and moved straight on to her next such a pretty fat.
i really think BLBA is my favorite - it's all about city life and crappy neighbors.
and who loves to bitch about her neighbors? ME. so i pretty much loved every second. and it was just as funny the second time. maybe funnier.
i've since finished pretty fat, which was also screaming hysterical. this particular book was about her quest to get healthy and lose weight. and failing miserably right up to the end when she finally figures out the key to her success. awesome.
now i'm on to something i haven't actually read before: laurie notaro's i love everybody (and other atrocious lies.) i L.O.V.E.D. her book spooky little girl so i am beyond excited about this one (granted...this is a memoir and spooky was fiction...but still.)
AND jen lancaster put together her 'summer reading list' over on her blog - i'm pretty much going to read every single one.
it's going to be a good summer.
or at least it will be once the sun comes out again.

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