Friday, June 11, 2010

brutal, man.

honestly - i can't make this shit up.
everyone has this person in their family - the one that seems to attract crazyness.
you know, the one that will break his leg (in the same place) twice before he even reaches kindergarten.
or get run over by a pipe trailer.
or manage to get lost from his car to his cousins apartment (and spend the night sleeping in said car.)
have i mentioned that i love this kid?

so when i got home from work last night and nate said, "guess who pooped his pants the other day?"
"uhhh...i dunno...who?" (i'd like to say this is a conversation we've never had about grown people, but then i'd be lying.)
"your cousin."
"WHAT!? HA! how did you find out about that?"
"john told me." (he's one of our cooks.)
"how did HE find out?"
"caitlyn told him - apparently he was out drinking with joe when it happened." (cait is one of our rockin waitresses - joe is her boyfriend.) (and this town? is far too small.)
"BUAH HA HA HA! this stuff only happens to him."

and this is when i convince nate to text and tease him about it (and when nate gives the sage advice to, "never trust a fart.")
to which he replied, "totally ruined my pants...the beer was brutal, man."
my gene pool is fantastic.
and now? he will forever be known as 'poopy pants fordyce.'


  1. AH but that's not even close to how it happened. the real story is that I was drinking the night before with Joe and then the next day I was helping to heir strawberry pickers. there was a porto john but it just happened to be about a quarter of a mile away. Which was about 20 feet to far. and let me say for the record it is impossible to sprint and hold in the screamin shits at the same time. Also because I feel it to be necessary since I will be made fun of for this i finally learned why I never gain any weight as it turns out I don't digest food very well lets just say the best way I can describe is a mixture of baby puke and pico de gallo. :) just for you sarah

  2. OMG!! Going to be laughing about this one for a VERY long time...

  3. HA! thanks for clearing that up :]
    don't you just love being related to me??

  4. Toooo funny , may he should start wearing depends...!!!