Sunday, June 20, 2010

dear dad.

thank you for making me do my chores and get out of bed before nine.
thank you for telling me you loved me every day.
thank you for those silly emails that kept me smiling at work.
and thank you for the emails that made me think. or made me mad (and there were plenty!)
thank you for nicknaming me pumpkin.
thank you for sharing your loves of explosives with me.
thank you for catching frogs for me to keep as pets.
and thank you for always agreeing to take me to see girly movies (like spiceworld.)
thank you for explaining the difference between phillips and flat head to me.
thank you for teaching me how to stoke a fire.
thank you for always, always encouraging me to write.
and thank you for a million other things - you were simpy the best dad a girl could ever ask for.

i miss you every day.
and wish that i could give you one last hug. or talk to you one last time.

happy father's day daddy - i love you. all the way to the moon and back. infinity times.

and happy father's day to my wonderful husband - you frequently piss me off, but you truly are the greatest dad to cash.

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