Tuesday, June 15, 2010

i could write complaints about this dog for DAYS.
the sound of her snoring is not unlike a mack truck driving through our house.
her farts can clear a room (who am i kidding, she can clear the HOUSE.)
she leaves dog hair and muddy foot prints all over my pillow.
any chance she gets, she wedges herself between nate and i on the couch.
and if you think you are going to eat something without sharing with her first, you would be WRONG.
but she's the perfect dog for cash.
she doesn't care when he tries to put her tail in his mouth or stick his fingers in her nose.
she doesn't mind when he crawls all over or plays with her toys.
she even doesn't mind when he puts his rubber duckies in her water dish, making it impossible for her to drink out of.
and better yet, she has never once shown any sort of aggression towards cash.
she may have the tendency to run away and is generally a great big pain in my ass but i? wouldn't trade her for anything.

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