Monday, June 14, 2010


nate almost always works saturdays, so its just me and the cash-montser.
i try to run all of my errands during the week so we can do something fun, but the last few weeks have been so crummy weather-wise that we hadn't really left the house.
but since oregon FINALLY got some sun this weekend, we decided to hit the saturday market.
it was crazy crowded, but they had live music (which cash loves.)
and i managed to restrain from buying cash this awesome wooden tractor, splitting a pint of strawberries with him instead (good, but not fordyce good.)
then we went for a walk around capitol park - he was in awe of the huge water fountains.
i'd call this day a win, even though cash-the-crank-monster was in full force after his nap.
i've decided not to hold it against him.

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