Monday, June 7, 2010

spooky little girl.

BEST book i've read in a long time.
i read half of it in bed saturday night, staying wayyyyy past what i should have.
and had the rest of it read by sunday night.
honestly - it was amazing. hilarious. sweet. and the ending totally made me cry.
read it - you won't be disappointed.
i can't wait to read it again.

this is the first book i've read that made me want to email dad about it the second i put it down.
which is probably why the ending made me cry so much.
there is just no explaining how much i miss him. and how much i miss emailing him about silly things, important things, things that are likely to start an argument...everything. we emailed each other nearly every day, a routine i desperately miss.
i still can't bring myself to erase his email from my contact list.

thanks to my awesome mom, i have jen lancaster's bright lights, big ass next on 'to read' list.
i've read it before, so no big surprises here.
it's fabulous - maybe even better than bitter :]

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