Sunday, June 6, 2010

the mennonite.

so i just finished mennonite in a little black dress.
it was not at all what i was expecting.
for one, i expected it to be funny (which it wasn't) and more 'memoir-y' (when really it read like a history book teaching about mennonite culture.)
the best parts were when she wrote about her mother, who she painted as far more interesting than herself.
the upsides? it wasn't a terribly long book. and i now know more about mennonites than i ever really cared to know. and it did have one or two lines that were funny.
all in all though - i wouldn't bother with it.
she's the type of writer that uses 12 works when 4 will do. drove. me. crazy.

next up, i'm reading spooky little girl by laurie notaro.
i started it last night - i was hooked in 5 pages.

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