Monday, June 21, 2010

the wedding video.

videos from the wedding have finally surfaced - let's just say they weren't high on my priority list to track down (and for those keeping track, no i HAVEN'T gotten my name changed on my license yet. it's on the to-do list, ok? get off my back.) and it wasn't on janet's either (but a big fat THANK YOU to her for saying, hey - did i ever get you a copy of the wedding videos?)
i watched a few snippets while i was at work today (thanks for all those butt shots, buck. ps - zooming in on my sisters ass? NOT COOL. i don't care if it was unintentional. just saying.)
and, aside from realizing just how much thinner we were before opening a damn restaurant, i took one thing away from it: i have to get married again.
while the day was pretty close to perfect (screaming 8 month old and 102 degree weather aside) i can't get over the fact that i didn't love my dress.
sure, i liked it ok. and you couldn't beat the price (hello, $175 + gas to drive to portland!)
but i didn't love it. it didn't make me feel gorgeous. and every other picture i have from that day makes me cringe because i feel like it highlighted my 'not so flat after having a baby' stomach.
so to sum up: the next time i get married, i'm getting the dress of my dreams. and i'm having it in october because that's my favorite time of year (and my family owns a pumpkin patch - how perfect is that?) and i really think it would be awesome if cash wore a pirate costume instead of a suit.
hopefully nate's ok with it - if not, i can always him trade in, right? :]

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  1. I only pay for the first wedding, any subsequent is on my daughters...i