Wednesday, June 30, 2010

to heck with the first year.

i always hear people go on and on about how they miss their kids being newborns.
and sure, newborns are cute and little and...immobile.
and yes, sometimes i wish cash was little again, even if it's just so that i could eat lunch in peace while he's strapped into his carseat.
but now, at a year and a half? HE IS SO MUCH FUN.
no more 7 outfit changes in a day.
no more nursing or formula.
no more 12 times a day diaper changes.
no more baby carrier, swing, exersaucer and all that other random crap that you 'need.'
no more baby food.
no more newborn screams.
now it's playing all day, laughing, tickling and giving kisses.

i'm not gonna lie - toddlerhood is no picnic.
he's full of energy, runs instead of walks, demands my full attention ALWAYS, has to watch the same movie day after god damn day, throws food, throws toys, throws bottles, pitches fits, screams, yells, hits mama, cries when he's in trouble, waves goodbye, plays with his toys, rearranges the books on his shelf, throws things in the toilet, slams doors, pees straight through to his pants, gets strawberries all over his shirt, feeds the dog goldfish, gives fierce hugs, gives sloppy kisses, wipes his dirty hands on my jeans, pulls on my necklaces, shares his treats, laughs, giggles, signs please, claps his hands, claps my hands, snuggles with his blanket, runs barefoot outside and eventually, falls asleep snoring.
and that's on a day that we don't leave the house.
but none of that tops the feeling i get when nate brings him into our room in the morning and cash bolts from his arms to give me a kiss. or when he lays there, even just for a minute so we can snuggle and i can breathe in the smell of his hair.
sure - babies are cute, especially those newborns.
but nothing beats having a little boy to spend your day with.

except for the days he throws a tantrum in line at costco.

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  1. He truly is THE BEST kid ever! He has a pretty rad momma too.