Saturday, July 17, 2010

adventures in underwear.

[[on the phone in wal-mart]]

me: hey, so what size do you wear again?
nate: medium.
me: fruit of the loom or hanes?
nate: fruit of the loom. hanes always rides up my ass.
me: thank you, for that. a simple answer would have sufficed.
nate: noted.

[[a minute later, on the phone AGAIN]]

nate: fruit of the loom, medium, boxer briefs.
me: no shit, i know THAT. do you want long leg or short leg?
nate: they come in leg length!?
me: apparently! i'm not just calling you for fun.
nate: uhhhh, long leg. i'm tall.
me: brilliant. ringer style or
nate: what the hell is ringer style?
me: dude.
nate: ok, ok....umm, that's your call.
me: roger that.

[[talking out loud, to cash]]

me: i don't know why your daddy makes me do this stuff. does mommy send him to victoria secret's to buy her underwear? noooooo. course...daddy probably wouldn't mind, but that? is not the point.

right about now is when i notice the guy shaking with silent laughter one aisle over.
fan-freaking-tastic. just occurred to me that nate probably doesn't want the entire blog world to know what size/style underwear he wears. but he DID marry me and i'm fairly certain i reserved the right to blog about our life in our vows. so that was his bad.....


  1. Should I put a package in his stocking this year?? :)