Monday, July 12, 2010


there are just some things i'll never master.
something in my brain actually prevents me from figuring it out.
like parallel parking.
or geometry.
i couldn't back a vehicle up with a trailer attached if you paid me.
you know what? not so good with the math in general. especially fractions.
and, apparently, i can't open a master lock to save my soul.

[today, on the phone]
nate: how can you NOT open a master lock? i walked you through every single step.
me: i don't know - this is precisely why i pegged my locker in high school!
nate: what is wrong with you?
me: lots of things. for starters, i'm married to you.
nate: whatever.
me: at least i'm funny. i've got that going for me.


  1. lov u sweetie

    u have many more talents!!!!