Monday, July 5, 2010

some days, i prefer him sleeping.

our little man has always been a champion sleeper.
even as a newborn, he easily slept for 5-6 hour stretches.
the details have gotten a little hazy, but i think he was sleeping through the night by the time he hit 2 months.
we've been damn lucky.
and we still are.
most nights he's ready to hit the hay by 7.
and he'll sleep straight on through until nearly 7 the next morning.
he's a slave to his routine though.
he has to have a bottle 95% of the time in order to sleep. and a blanket around his face is a must.
and if we aren't at home? pffft - forget it.
last night he was awake (and screaming) until 9:15. no bueno. and he missed the fireworks.

i'm trying to wean him off his bottle dependency but i may as well ask him to sleep without breathing.
this? is not going to be fun.

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