Wednesday, July 21, 2010

that stage.

cash --

you've reached that stage.
the stage that all parents cringe at just the thought of it.
the stage that makes you clingy and whiny one second and free and independent the next.
the stage that means you love peanut butter sandwiches one day and loathe them 3 days later.
the stage that makes you refuse to wear shoes or long sleeves.
the stage that teaches you how to climb things.
the stage where throwing, yelling and hitting are the only ways you know how to get things done.
the stage that makes you dissolve into tears because you are so frustrated at me for not understanding.
mommy no likey.

what mommy likes even less is that this stage, in some varying degree? is going to be forever. you are no longer my sweet, blob of a baby.
you're a full blown toddler, with your own thoughts, ideas and opinions. complete with your total lack to communicate them.
it's exhausting.
but don't worry - your mommy still loves you.
and i promise i won't hold it against you later.

all of those dirty diapers on the other hand...not making any promises.

love you little pumpkin,

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