Tuesday, August 31, 2010

an oldie.

in the midst of working on a christmas project, i stumbled across this little gem.
not sure when exactly it was taken, but we were still living in keizer at the time, so he couldn't have been older than 4 months.
look at those big baby cheeks!

Friday, August 27, 2010

days away from the cone.

sunday night: piper starts itching like crazy. figure it's because we forgot to bring some oil for her food (she has really sensitive, dry skin and we put oil in her food to help.)

monday: still itchy, but figure spending half of the day at the beach certainly didn't help.

tuesday night: breaks out with hives on her ass. she spends the night trying to get on the couch while hopped up on benadryl.

wednesday morning: practically breaks her neck trying to attack a squirrel while on her lead. leaves bleeding sore spot.
wednesday night: more hives, more benadryl. oh, and more itching.

thursday: rubs the sore spot on her chest raw. bleeds, again. nate gives her bath - still itching.

friday: trick her with dog bone to wrestle flea collar on her. she spends the evening glowering at me from her dog bed. i like to point out to her that she seems to not be itching as much - then realize i'm a big loser for making snarky comments to the dog.

if this doesn't get better over the weekend, i'm getting her a cone on monday. and then i'm going to laugh at her. i'm sure there is a special kind of hell for me.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

preparing for fall.

cash is definitely going to need a pair of these.

and you can't go wrong with a monkey hat.
i love fall.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


nate: c'mon, why won't you ride on one of those rides with me?
rob: because those people can't keep TEETH in their head - and you want me to trust my life with them? they're carnies dude - no.
nate: good point.

the splash pad.

cash hates getting water in his face, so taking him to a water fountain probably wasn't the smartest idea ever.
but it was 100 degrees that day, i figured he would tough it out.
and he did - sort of.

ok, so the most fun he had was running around soaking wet just outside the water spray.
i'd still call the day a success.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


cash got in trouble the other day.
while he was throwing a big fat fit on the floor, i looked at him and said, "look kid - i'm bigger than you. i WILL win."
and he said, "that's what you think." except in baby jibberish.
but the inflection sounded EXACTLY like that.
he's still not much of a talker (he has about 4 words in his vocabulary) but i have a feeling any day now he's just going to start speaking in sentences.
i'm really in no hurry.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

this boy.

handing his mama boogers with pride since 2010.
little boys are the coolest.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

best friends.

cash has always really loved the ferrets.
he likes to take me over to their cage, sign 'please' furiously so that i will take them out and then give them thousands of kisses.
hands down, boston has always been his favorite.
and yesterday? cash got to hold him for the first time.
and it was decided - cash and boston, BFF's for life.

i don't think boston is all that thrilled.
also? when i put boston back in his cage, cash had an all-out, throwing body on the floor-banging his head on the ground-flailing his limbs tantrum. it was not awesome.

Friday, August 20, 2010

the reunion.

i had a high school reunion a couple weekends back.
i avoided it like the plague.
not because i'm some asshole that 'doesn't need to see any of those losers ever again.' (not entirely, at least.)
i actually had made definite plans to go.
even convincing my bestie amanda to go too.
sure, there were plenty of people that i could care less about now, but there were some that i would have liked to say, 'hey, cute baby/husband/diploma!'
but the more i committed to going, the less i really wanted to go.

i think this conversation i had with one of my servers sums it up best (just so happens i've known this girl since i was five - and she is one of the coolest girls i know.)
me: ughh, i really don't know if i want to go.
her: what do you have to be embarrassed about, you own a RESTAURANT for god's sakes!
me: precisely. i don't want to have to talk about that for 5 hours.

see, i think of the restaurant as our rebellious second child - chainsmoking, staying out past midnight and constantly being brought home by the cops.
and half the time, she's all anyone really wants to talk about.

in the end, amanda and i blew it off and went out for drinks instead.
time well spent.

Thursday, August 19, 2010


i fiiiiinally finished a cook's tour by anthony bourdain - not that it wasn't interesting. it was actually pretty entertaining, the last 4 chapters being the best in my opinion. towards the middle it got pretty...monotonous - i mean, there is only so many descriptions of sushi this girl can read before she decides to put the book down and watch wipeout instead. hence, it took me forever to finish it. that aside, i'll be picking up his first, kitchen confidential, the next chance i get.

now i'm on to elizabeth gilbert's eat pray love - i've been wanting to read this book for awhile, but thanks to the movie hooplah i managed to score it on sale at target. chalk one up for being cheap! i'm about 50 pages in and i'm rather enjoying it - it wasn't at all what i was expecting (it's essentially her journey towards finding her place in this universe, spiritually. not generally on my top 10 things to read about, but she's witty and sarcastic and i'm a big fan of that.)

happy reading! :]

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

so when i said august wasn't going to be as busy as july? i was wrong.

i can't seem to find any spare time to do anything these days - nate even mentioned he can't remember the last time i scrapbooked. i was all, I KNOW. PERHAPS YOU COULD HELP WITH THIS. he just looked at me. fabulous.

i have a bunch of awesome pictures from cash's first day at the splash pad (he pretty much hated every second) but i can't seem to find the camera cord. am thinking one almost 2 year old is to blame.

speaking of said almost 2 year old: his ability to conquer and destroy in mere seconds astounds me. every night i clean up the living room and every morning he has it in shambles within seconds of waking. it's awesome.

and speaking of awesome, this website is pretty darn rad. there goes my productive afternoon.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

the zoo.

we took cash to the zoo for the first time this weekend - i hadn't been since i was in grade school, so i think i was most excited.
he fell asleep about 20 minutes before we got there (which he does ALL THE TIME) so he was a little groggy for the first few animals.
he snapped out of that as soon as we got to the sea lions.

i loooove this one - dad, did you see that!?

cash has always been fascinated with fish so it wasn't a huge surprise that his two favorite things were the sea lions and the otters. and pretty much anything else that was in water.

we could have sat there all day.

a sea lion had just swam by - it's blurry but it's perfect.

pointing at the elephant (there's a whole 'elephant penis' story here - i'll save that for another day.)

cash thinking that his parents are super lame.

looking at more elephants (no penises that time.)

he lasted about 5 minutes in the car - he woke up just in time for ice cream. he has my kind of timing.

next: we're hitting the aquarium - he is going to lose his shit with all those fish.