Thursday, August 19, 2010


i fiiiiinally finished a cook's tour by anthony bourdain - not that it wasn't interesting. it was actually pretty entertaining, the last 4 chapters being the best in my opinion. towards the middle it got pretty...monotonous - i mean, there is only so many descriptions of sushi this girl can read before she decides to put the book down and watch wipeout instead. hence, it took me forever to finish it. that aside, i'll be picking up his first, kitchen confidential, the next chance i get.

now i'm on to elizabeth gilbert's eat pray love - i've been wanting to read this book for awhile, but thanks to the movie hooplah i managed to score it on sale at target. chalk one up for being cheap! i'm about 50 pages in and i'm rather enjoying it - it wasn't at all what i was expecting (it's essentially her journey towards finding her place in this universe, spiritually. not generally on my top 10 things to read about, but she's witty and sarcastic and i'm a big fan of that.)

happy reading! :]

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