Tuesday, August 10, 2010

cash, today.

cash -

you're becoming more and more of a little boy everyday.
right now it involves a whole lot of tantrums.
but you always manage to stay out of trouble with your sweet hugs.

when kahlea came for a visit the other day, you couldn't stop saying, "ooooh, WOW." and you gave her kisses about every other minute. it was pretty sweet.

you have that hornery fordyce streak in you - you tease grandma's dog with your toys, deliberately do something you're not supposed to just to get my attention, and you have one wicked cackle when you're being naughty.
you even pulled a trick straight from 'uncle' jesse's book, purposely stomping on grandma's toes this afternoon. if your great grandpa bob was here, he'd be calling you a little shit right about now.

you're starting to play by yourself more.
and you are actually beginning to like story time (as opposed to screeching and throwing the books across the room like you used to.) now you sit in my lap and turn the pages for me (i have to pick a book i know by heart though - you always turn the pages too fast.)
i can't cut your food up for you anymore - you won't eat it. and you refuse to eat anything but what i'm eating. bite for bite.

i love you little pumpkin - you make my days an adventure.
love, mumma.

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