Friday, August 27, 2010

days away from the cone.

sunday night: piper starts itching like crazy. figure it's because we forgot to bring some oil for her food (she has really sensitive, dry skin and we put oil in her food to help.)

monday: still itchy, but figure spending half of the day at the beach certainly didn't help.

tuesday night: breaks out with hives on her ass. she spends the night trying to get on the couch while hopped up on benadryl.

wednesday morning: practically breaks her neck trying to attack a squirrel while on her lead. leaves bleeding sore spot.
wednesday night: more hives, more benadryl. oh, and more itching.

thursday: rubs the sore spot on her chest raw. bleeds, again. nate gives her bath - still itching.

friday: trick her with dog bone to wrestle flea collar on her. she spends the evening glowering at me from her dog bed. i like to point out to her that she seems to not be itching as much - then realize i'm a big loser for making snarky comments to the dog.

if this doesn't get better over the weekend, i'm getting her a cone on monday. and then i'm going to laugh at her. i'm sure there is a special kind of hell for me.

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