Wednesday, August 4, 2010

i heart handmade.

i love buying handmade - supporting independent artists rocks.
pretty much am coveting everything here.
le sigh.


cash's room could really use this.

i'm digging everything in this artist's shop.

it is taking all of my self restraint to not buy this.

and i'm really looking for a reason to send this card to someone.


  1. Okay. so where can I order this 'let's get naked' pillow?? :)

  2. Yes, Cash needs this owl pillow for his room! The necklace is cute but the disc is really small. I would be worried I would lose it.

  3. heather - click on the link underneath the photo. i'm pretty sure i'm getting one :]

  4. haha, so I just favorited those naked pillows the other day, aren't they awesome!?! Sigh...etsy I have a love/hate relationship with you...yes, i do.