Tuesday, August 24, 2010


cash got in trouble the other day.
while he was throwing a big fat fit on the floor, i looked at him and said, "look kid - i'm bigger than you. i WILL win."
and he said, "that's what you think." except in baby jibberish.
but the inflection sounded EXACTLY like that.
he's still not much of a talker (he has about 4 words in his vocabulary) but i have a feeling any day now he's just going to start speaking in sentences.
i'm really in no hurry.


  1. Oh man. Yeah, you'll have your hands full soon enough lol. My 8 month old daughter laughs at me when I tell her "no"... she's a stubborn little girl. I'm so not looking forward to her TEEN years! I wish you the best of luck with Cash. I bet it's hard to discipline such a cute face like him!

  2. i can vouch...that was totally what he said!!!