Tuesday, August 17, 2010

so when i said august wasn't going to be as busy as july? i was wrong.

i can't seem to find any spare time to do anything these days - nate even mentioned he can't remember the last time i scrapbooked. i was all, I KNOW. PERHAPS YOU COULD HELP WITH THIS. he just looked at me. fabulous.

i have a bunch of awesome pictures from cash's first day at the splash pad (he pretty much hated every second) but i can't seem to find the camera cord. am thinking one almost 2 year old is to blame.

speaking of said almost 2 year old: his ability to conquer and destroy in mere seconds astounds me. every night i clean up the living room and every morning he has it in shambles within seconds of waking. it's awesome.

and speaking of awesome, this website is pretty darn rad. there goes my productive afternoon.

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