Thursday, September 30, 2010

happy birthday husband.

i'm glad you were born.
and 23 years later decided to become a giant pain in my ass.

XO - the wife.

[[i had a much sweeter, gushier post planned but it made me feel a bit....stabby. so i erased it and here we are.]]

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

the little fan.

in oregon, you are one of two things.
you're either a beaver or a duck.
and if you're neither, chances are you aren't from here.
i don't know if it's like this in other states (i imagine to some extent, but oregonians are crazy, so there's that.) but here you are considered abnormal if you haven't pledged to wear either orange or green.
i'm a beaver by default - my dad, cousin and sister (who is perhaps the craziest beaver fan of all - she threatened to burn a pair of nike U of O sneakers cash's auntie nadine got him) all attended osu.
nate is a duck fan, also sort of by default (his closest uncle went there.)
but when it's game day, we root for any oregon team that is playing.
and when it's the civil war (when they play each other) we pick our sides and dodge whatever my sister throws at the tv. last year the ducks won - it wasn't pretty.

and thanks to his aunt and his grandma, cash is a little beaver himself.
last year, he sported this for football season:

this year's version is even cuter.
we just won't tell them he wears it when we watch the duck games too.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

i frequently think i'm funny.

1. i attempted plain old, boring chocolate chip cookies this weekend (as opposed to my mom's awesome 'oatmeal and chocolate chip' recipe) and they were a complete failure. i blame nate. and my oven.
2. i found most of my costume at goodwill this weekend and am super excited (i'm pocahontas, nate is john smith.)
3. am more than a little pissed off that summer is back with a vengeance - i am ready for long sleeves and cozy socks.
4. i also scored a CHEAP picnic basket at goodwill, the very picnic basket that i had been lusting after at target all summer. and i only paid $4 - WIN.
5. i frequently think i'm funny, but i wish i was effortlessly funny like these girls.

Monday, September 27, 2010

the reluctant dragon.

my name is sarah and i like to torture my son by putting his halloween costume on him.
in september.
and then take a million pictures of him while he tries to wrestle the hood of his head.

my theory behind this torture is that this way, at least i know i have a couple of good pictures of him in his costume.
in 20 years, i won't even remember that i took them almost 2 months before halloween.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

the first cupcake.

cash has never been that into sweets (especially chocolate - the little weirdo.)
i think this first cupcake may have done him in though.

he chased it with some blueberries.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

prediction FAIL.

so remember that hat i bought that i figured cash would refuse to wear?
i was right.
putting that hat on him is equivalent to amputating an arm - the screams of pain and anguish echo across the country and can probably be heard in china.
he claws at my arms, desperately trying to break free from my grasp so he can rip that cursed hat off his head.
every. single. time.
and every time i say, i am going to keep putting this hat on you UNTIL YOU LIKE IT. even if i have to duct tape the damn thing to your head.
i've even tried, freezing kids in russia would be happy to wear this adorable hat! (didn't work any better than, starving kids in ethiopa would be delighted to have this chicken!)
last year he didn't enjoy wearing his hat, but he managed.
this year...i'm not so certain.

Friday, September 24, 2010

the little demon.

remember when i said toddlers were awesome?
i've suddenly come to the realization that they are also NOT-AWESOME.
in one short month my kissing, hugging, sweet little boy has turned into a biting, hitting, kicking little creature and i would like to demand a refund.
this little creature is now lovingly refered to as 'the little demon.'
as in, "wants to strangle the little demon." or, "the little demon won't nap. has barricaded self in closet - send for back up."
it's funny - i don't remember giving birth to satan.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

captain vanity.

cash is suddenly OBSESSED with looking at pictures of himself.
considering he's had a camera shoved in his face since day one, he's well aware of what the camera does.
now anytime he sees it, he makes me sit down on the floor so he can climb into my lap and then we go through the pictures one by one. i wish i could get a picture of the sweet little face he makes when he sees himself, but i can barely get a good picture of him right now as it is.
mostly, i get this:

which is followed by lots of whining and moaning until i cave and let him look at the camera.
it's loads of not-awesome.

hopefully he'll behave when our awesome friend heather takes our family photos in a couple of weeks (which ps - i am SO excited about, you do not even know.)

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

eat, pray, LOVE.

so that book? was pretty amazing.
some of her descriptions about her meditation experiences were a little hard to grasp, but otherwise it was a very inspiring and lovely read.

next up is good in bed, by jennifer weiner.
i really know nothing about this book or the author - i picked it up at goodwill last week because it was cheap and the title made me laugh.
we shall see. :]

Saturday, September 18, 2010

[fall] obsession.

i love fall (love. LOVE.)
halloween is my absolute favorite holiday and i start preparing wayyyyyy earlier than i should.
but last year we were so busy opening the restaurant that i barely got to enjoy it (i didn't even decorate - sad face.)
not this year.
i've got projects planned (including halloween cupcakes - squeee!) decorations purchased, and plans for my costume (i think i want to be a cowgirl...or an indian.)
can't. wait.

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Thursday, September 16, 2010

some serious prank envy.

i really (REALLY REALLY) wish i was in some way responsible for this.
i mean, it's no 'great gnome caper' - but still, pretty genius. (i should probably share at some point the story of the 'great gnome caper' and subsequent gnome obsession - that's for another day.)
i love harmless pranks like this.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

mornings have never been my favorite.

but mornings are the best times with you.
you are the snuggliest and tend to sit (mostly) still. which is great for your momma when she hasn't had her coffee yet.
this morning you were watching toy story with your head on my shoulders.
i got up to go to the bathroom and you pulled me back, resting your head on my chest.
i almost peed my pants, just to make the moment last.
sometimes you're a big pain in my neck.
but you make every day worth it - a hundred times over.

love you little pumpkin.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

plant killer.

[[cash is throwing his frisbee into a new basket of flowers]]

amanda: cash, don't throw that in there! those plants need their strength if they are going to survive your mother.
me: SHUT UP. i have had that basket for a week and they're still alive!
amanda: only because it rained.
me: that's not the point.
amanda: just saying.
me: ok, you know what? pipe down.

in all fairness to amanda, the basket of flowers were a gift. and when she handed them to me i said (in the same breath,) "ohhh, thank you! i'm going to kill them!"
at least i can be up front about my plant killing ways.

Monday, September 13, 2010

the first (almost) visit.

cash came down with a wicked cold (which has finally caught up to me - mer) and wouldn't eat much of anything, so i let him drink wayyyyyy more juice than i normally do in the hopes that all that delicious vitamin c would help him kick the cold.
it did.
but it also gave him a little baby diaper rash.
which turned into a big boy diaper rash.
which turned into a raging case of the WORST DIAPER RASH KNOWN TO MANKIND.
after trying 4 (FOUR) different kinds of rash cream, i finally stumbled upon something that seemed to sort of work (something with butt paste in the title...or something like that.)
but after a full day of caking that on his ass, his rash wasn't getting any better (but it also wasn't getting any worse.)
so i called his doctor to schedule his first doctors appointment that wasn't "check-up" related.
and they said, "don't bother - put some of this stuff on him, then layer this stuff on top and it should improve in a couple days. if it doesn't, call us."
have i mentioned how much i love his doctor? the nurses there are the sweetest people alive - she even said (and i quote) "i don't want you to waste your time with an unnecessary trip - this should clear it up no problem." i love people that think my time is as valuable as i do.
guess we'll save that first visit for something else.

Friday, September 10, 2010

at nearly 2.

-- he's still not really talking (and i'm starting to get a teensy bit worried, even though i'm trying not to.)
-- he thinks that me chasing him all around the house in the morning while trying to get him dressed is suuuuuper fun. (it's not.)
-- blueberries are still his number one. (thank god, because i feel like i froze about a million pounds of it.)
-- he loves to play in the car (when it's parked in the driveway, naturally) and thinks that seatbelts are just about the most amazing thing ever.
-- piper is officially "his" dog and he showers her with kisses everyday (he also showers her with not-so-friendly pulls on her tail and is constantly trying to sit on her - bless her heart that she is the sweetest dog on the planet and lets him do whatever.)
-- it never occurred to me until very recently that cash had never seen real tv before (that is, tv that isn't 100% animated characters) it. was. mesmerizing. i don't even remember what it was that i was watching (probably something hopelessly lame - we don't watch tv in the daytime normally) but he couldn't tear himself away.
-- he L.O.V.E.'s eating with a spoon or a fork (finallyyyyyyy.)
-- he's outgrown all of the shoes that just fit him 3 months ago (budget FAIL.)
-- he's no longer getting a bottle of milk in the morning (which has been fun for NO ONE. not fun for mommy because he doesn't sleep in anymore. not fun for cash because he craves that bottle like an addict craves crack.)
-- he likes my hair in a ponytail (seriously. he'll grab my hands and make me put it up when it's down.)
-- he is fascinated with earrings and gets a little angry when i don't wear them.
-- he has the sweetest, funniest little personality.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

i like to plan ahead.

which means i've already started shopping for cash's birthday.
(in my defense, last year? i had all of his birthday presents bought in august. yes, i am insane.)
he is for sure getting a cape this year - everyone needs a superhero cape.
and yes, nate is super jealous that cash is getting one and he's not.
i can't wait to see him terrorizing the house with this around his neck. :]

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

i have loads of pictures/stories about cash, but let's talk about me.

i found a bottle of creamer in with my coffee cups this afternoon.
which means i needed that cup of coffee this morning more than i realized.
and i'd like to say this hasn't happened before, but i would be lying. (in my defense, the orange juice in the cupboard was nate - i'm not the only one!)

i got to help my bestie janet deliver food to the volunteer work crews out at the extreme makeover - home edition site last night.
by far, one of the coolest things i've ever gotten to see.
so many people there working their asses off for these kids...well, it warmed my little black heart in my cold tin chest.
(hey - the food service industry jades you.)
i've never been prouder to be a part of this town.

and i'm currently dreaming up ways to convince nate i need a new pair of toms.
so far all i've got is, they're yellow and so dreamy!
something tells me that? is not going to be enough.

Friday, September 3, 2010

dear teenage girls across the u.s. -

leggings do not equal pants.
thought you should know.


Thursday, September 2, 2010

precisely why our marriage works.

from nate, texting while at goodwill with cash:
nate: WHY would someone get rid of this!?
me: some people have no taste.
nate: so true.