Friday, September 10, 2010

at nearly 2.

-- he's still not really talking (and i'm starting to get a teensy bit worried, even though i'm trying not to.)
-- he thinks that me chasing him all around the house in the morning while trying to get him dressed is suuuuuper fun. (it's not.)
-- blueberries are still his number one. (thank god, because i feel like i froze about a million pounds of it.)
-- he loves to play in the car (when it's parked in the driveway, naturally) and thinks that seatbelts are just about the most amazing thing ever.
-- piper is officially "his" dog and he showers her with kisses everyday (he also showers her with not-so-friendly pulls on her tail and is constantly trying to sit on her - bless her heart that she is the sweetest dog on the planet and lets him do whatever.)
-- it never occurred to me until very recently that cash had never seen real tv before (that is, tv that isn't 100% animated characters) it. was. mesmerizing. i don't even remember what it was that i was watching (probably something hopelessly lame - we don't watch tv in the daytime normally) but he couldn't tear himself away.
-- he L.O.V.E.'s eating with a spoon or a fork (finallyyyyyyy.)
-- he's outgrown all of the shoes that just fit him 3 months ago (budget FAIL.)
-- he's no longer getting a bottle of milk in the morning (which has been fun for NO ONE. not fun for mommy because he doesn't sleep in anymore. not fun for cash because he craves that bottle like an addict craves crack.)
-- he likes my hair in a ponytail (seriously. he'll grab my hands and make me put it up when it's down.)
-- he is fascinated with earrings and gets a little angry when i don't wear them.
-- he has the sweetest, funniest little personality.

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