Wednesday, September 22, 2010

captain vanity.

cash is suddenly OBSESSED with looking at pictures of himself.
considering he's had a camera shoved in his face since day one, he's well aware of what the camera does.
now anytime he sees it, he makes me sit down on the floor so he can climb into my lap and then we go through the pictures one by one. i wish i could get a picture of the sweet little face he makes when he sees himself, but i can barely get a good picture of him right now as it is.
mostly, i get this:

which is followed by lots of whining and moaning until i cave and let him look at the camera.
it's loads of not-awesome.

hopefully he'll behave when our awesome friend heather takes our family photos in a couple of weeks (which ps - i am SO excited about, you do not even know.)

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  1. Great. Now, you got me all nervous that this boy isn't going to cooperate. Haha!