Tuesday, September 28, 2010

i frequently think i'm funny.

1. i attempted plain old, boring chocolate chip cookies this weekend (as opposed to my mom's awesome 'oatmeal and chocolate chip' recipe) and they were a complete failure. i blame nate. and my oven.
2. i found most of my costume at goodwill this weekend and am super excited (i'm pocahontas, nate is john smith.)
3. am more than a little pissed off that summer is back with a vengeance - i am ready for long sleeves and cozy socks.
4. i also scored a CHEAP picnic basket at goodwill, the very picnic basket that i had been lusting after at target all summer. and i only paid $4 - WIN.
5. i frequently think i'm funny, but i wish i was effortlessly funny like these girls.

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