Saturday, September 25, 2010

prediction FAIL.

so remember that hat i bought that i figured cash would refuse to wear?
i was right.
putting that hat on him is equivalent to amputating an arm - the screams of pain and anguish echo across the country and can probably be heard in china.
he claws at my arms, desperately trying to break free from my grasp so he can rip that cursed hat off his head.
every. single. time.
and every time i say, i am going to keep putting this hat on you UNTIL YOU LIKE IT. even if i have to duct tape the damn thing to your head.
i've even tried, freezing kids in russia would be happy to wear this adorable hat! (didn't work any better than, starving kids in ethiopa would be delighted to have this chicken!)
last year he didn't enjoy wearing his hat, but he managed.
this year...i'm not so certain.

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