Monday, September 13, 2010

the first (almost) visit.

cash came down with a wicked cold (which has finally caught up to me - mer) and wouldn't eat much of anything, so i let him drink wayyyyyy more juice than i normally do in the hopes that all that delicious vitamin c would help him kick the cold.
it did.
but it also gave him a little baby diaper rash.
which turned into a big boy diaper rash.
which turned into a raging case of the WORST DIAPER RASH KNOWN TO MANKIND.
after trying 4 (FOUR) different kinds of rash cream, i finally stumbled upon something that seemed to sort of work (something with butt paste in the title...or something like that.)
but after a full day of caking that on his ass, his rash wasn't getting any better (but it also wasn't getting any worse.)
so i called his doctor to schedule his first doctors appointment that wasn't "check-up" related.
and they said, "don't bother - put some of this stuff on him, then layer this stuff on top and it should improve in a couple days. if it doesn't, call us."
have i mentioned how much i love his doctor? the nurses there are the sweetest people alive - she even said (and i quote) "i don't want you to waste your time with an unnecessary trip - this should clear it up no problem." i love people that think my time is as valuable as i do.
guess we'll save that first visit for something else.

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