Wednesday, September 29, 2010

the little fan.

in oregon, you are one of two things.
you're either a beaver or a duck.
and if you're neither, chances are you aren't from here.
i don't know if it's like this in other states (i imagine to some extent, but oregonians are crazy, so there's that.) but here you are considered abnormal if you haven't pledged to wear either orange or green.
i'm a beaver by default - my dad, cousin and sister (who is perhaps the craziest beaver fan of all - she threatened to burn a pair of nike U of O sneakers cash's auntie nadine got him) all attended osu.
nate is a duck fan, also sort of by default (his closest uncle went there.)
but when it's game day, we root for any oregon team that is playing.
and when it's the civil war (when they play each other) we pick our sides and dodge whatever my sister throws at the tv. last year the ducks won - it wasn't pretty.

and thanks to his aunt and his grandma, cash is a little beaver himself.
last year, he sported this for football season:

this year's version is even cuter.
we just won't tell them he wears it when we watch the duck games too.

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