Sunday, October 31, 2010


i want to remember:
cash only trick-or-treating at 2 houses (and hating it.)
making 2 dozen halloween cupcakes that no one ate.
nate making his costume entirely out of things already in his closet. (he was howard case you couldn't tell.)
my boots being 2 sizes too big and flapping with every step.
nathan scaring cash, causing him to scream and cry for the first half hour we were there.
julie's wig had bald spots.
cash eating all of the gummy worms.
amanda's scabs grossing me out all night long.

i wish halloween was more than once a year.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

[snow] obsession.

obsession probably isn't a strong enough word for how i feel about snow.
it rarely snows here, but even if it did, i don't think i could ever grow tired of it.
i'm already dreaming of a white christmas.

all images found via weheartit.

Monday, October 25, 2010

cousin-ly love.

i babysat my niece kahlea last weekend (and when i say babysat, i mean practically kidnap.)
we went to the restaurant for dinner (where she got tastes of her very first tater tot - she was a fan,) and cash was sweet as can be. he demanded that they sit next to each other and would lean over every other minute to give her a sweet little kiss. at first she was ok with it, but by the end she was swatting him away. it didn't deter him one bit.
the kissing didn't stop there:

it went on pretty much all night.
now, i think my kid is pretty awesome. and i think my niece is exceptionally awesome.
but the two of them together? new realms of awesome.
they played, he shared his toys (even pushing the buttons on the noisy ones for her,) he laughed hysterically every time she started crawling and were generally inseparable.

i sense lots of playdates in our future :]

Friday, October 22, 2010

daily adventures.

via text -

nate: are you trying to kill me!?
me: ummm...what? i don't remember booby trapping the house....
nate: the toffee - WHY, WHY DID YOU MAKE TOFFEE?
me: uhhh...because it sounded good. why?
nate: it's too delicious. I CAN'T STOP eating it. there might not be any left when you get home.
me: nate, STEP AWAY FROM THE TOFFEE. so help me, if there isn't any left when i get home i WILL kill you - i only had one piece!

now nate is convinced i'm trying to fatten him up.
for what, i'm not sure.

onto things i know i'm sure of:
i'm enjoying cooking and baking a whole hell of a lot more than i used to. which means my sink frequently looks like this:

i really wish i wasn't living like a pilgrim.
aka - living in a house with no dishwasher. it sucks.

i'm also pretty sure that i'm going to find this next story much funnier in a few years:
cash locked me out of the house today.
i went outside to take the dog to go potty (and when i walked past him he was so engrossed in his movie he didn't BAT AN EYE.) i figured he wouldn't know i was gone (because he usually doesn't.)
i could not have been more wrong.
i got to the back door. turned the knob. didn't turn.
and that's when i peered through the window on the door to see my darling almost-2-year-old LAUGHING AT ME.
"cash? CASH. open the door - c'mon turn the lock so mommy can get back in."

(now is when i should probably mention that i'm outside with my hair soaking wet, in my slippers and without a sweater - double damn.)

he goes to the knob and tries to turn it - when he realizes it won't turn, he just looks at me like, "It's locked."

now is when 'mommy survival mode' kicked in.
our windows are old, so i'm pretty sure i can open one of them from the outside.
hey look - the window in our dining room isn't locked!

(stops to ponder how long it's been like THAT, but decide no point wasting time freaking out about that.)

hmmmm...that window is...way up there. ah! i'll get that giant bucket of paint from the shed, that should be tall enough.
opens one window and while trying to open the other, (we have storm windows) first window comes slamming down on my hand.

opens both windows again and lean my body as far in the window as i can. which is when i knock over the coatrack, which falls onto the dining room table, sweeping everything off of it until it falls to the floor.

strains a muscle. can't reach the knob. damn.
oh! i'll get the bbq tongs!
evil almost-2-year-old now thinks we're playing and keeps trying to grab the tongs away from me. i yell. he starts crying.
tongs didn't work, plan b involves stacking more paints cans precariously on top of one another.
SUCCESS! door is open, the dining room is a disaster and mommy is ready for a beer.

don't you wish YOU had a 2 year old right now?

first thing monday, i'm making a dozen spare keys.

Thursday, October 21, 2010


you were my favorite.
you gave me a kiss 'almost' every time i asked for one.
and when you had woken from your nap, you snuggled on the couch with me, grabbing my face with both hands while you told me a story.
i love you, kid.

pumpkin patch, trip #307

seriously, we go to the pumpkin patch so much, i'm thinkng about just living there for the month of october.
even a little bit of rain won't stop us:

trips are better when they end with apples and lollipops.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

baking with an (almost) 2 year old.

i imagine baking with piper (you know, the dog that will eat ANYTHING in sight) would be easier.
cash, of course, wanted to stir. which was more swinging the wooden spoon around in the air and getting buttery sugar all over the cupboards than actual stirring.

and as soon as he saw me get the camera out, he hopped off the chair and demanded to look at himself.
this kid is SO VAIN. but it's awfully adorable.

amanda and i proceeded to make a billion little ghosts and pumpkins.
about halfway through icing, we decided to get a little creative.
and then this happened:

it was supposed to be a lawn gnome, but amanda decided it looked more like a pope.
it got progressively worse from there (like one ghost weilding an iron, causing serious head wounds to another ghost.)
hands down, the most fun i've ever had making cookies.

unfortunately, it turns out that neither nate or i (or cash really, for that matter) likes sugar cookies. so the 4 DOZEN this recipe made? have been sitting on the counter ever since.
sugar cookie anyone?

Monday, October 18, 2010

top 10 quirks.

1. every time i go to target (which is sometimes far too frequently) i always go to the nail polish aisle to stare at the beautiful colors. it's weird. fun fact: my nails haven't been polish free in over a year. i'm a nut about that too.

2. i kinda love cheez whiz. it's so wrong and good.

3. glee. sigh. that's a painful one to admit. i tried so hard to not get into that show. but last summer i caught an episode and i was hooked. and you know what? it makes me smile. is it completely ridiculous when they burst into song out of nowhere? yes. are the cracks in the plot line getting so huge that i'm afraid one of the ultra skinny cheerios might fall right through it? yup. even still, i like it.

4. as long as i'm 'fessing up to my glee habit...i watch a lot of really terrible television. teen mom? check. 16 & pregnant? never miss an episode. 19 kids and counting? i love those loons. really, i could go on for days. let's just leave it at i have really bad taste in tv shows.

5. nutella is my weakness. i eat it by the spoonful. in fact, i'm eating some now.

6. i have a really weird thing about letting people borrow books - frankly, i hate it. i don't know why, i just do. i lend out books all the time, but every time i do this little voice in the back of my head is like, don't do it - you'll never see that book again! even if it's a book i've already read and have no plans to read again anytime soon, as soon as i hand it off, i want it back instantly. if i lend you one, i must really like you.

7. i have been known to cyber stalk an occasional classmate or two. and then laugh hysterically when i see they've gotten fat, because it makes me feel better about my back rolls.

8. i love folding cash's clothes - they're so small (comparatively) and cute!

9. wine usually gives me a terrible headache but i drink it anyway because it's tasty. reisling is my fave.

10. i sleep best on my back, with my pillow on top of my chest.

and now you officially know too much about me.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

football sunday.

it's our favorite.
a lot of laying on the couch in our jammies is involved.
and that's always a good thing.

Friday, October 15, 2010

consider this your party platter.

bite size helpings of what's going on in our corner of the world:

-- nate and i had the most wonderful one on one talk last night. we don't get a lot of 'us' time and sometimes i forget just how valuable it is. we talked about everything - even silly things that we have probably already told each other. it was healing.
and hilarious:
me: oh! amanda came over today and we made feather hair pieces for my halloween costume.
nate: well, THAT would explain why there were feathers all over the house. i was all freaked out, thinking that cash had maimed a bird. i was picking up the pieces with toilet paper.
me: you thought cash maimed a bird with bright yellow and red feathers?
nate: i didn't say i thought it through. next time, a heads up would be nice.
me: my bad.

-- cash has started speaking sporadically. he now says, 'who's that?' 'what's that?' and mama. and two days ago he said, 'up, please.' i was so startled, i dropped my sandwich on the floor (which piper appreciated.) he hasn't said it since. even though i have been bribing him with all sorts of sugary treats.

-- i've started to enjoy cooking. last weekend i made calzones (which were amazing.) and yesterday i made home-made baked mac and cheese (also, pretty darn good.) seeing as this time last year i couldn't make a grilled cheese sandwich, i'm amazed that anything i make is edible.

-- it has been exceptionally warm here in oregon and i'm over it. i'm ready for cooler weather. i'm also ready for all the damn fruit flies that have taken up residency in my house to freeze and die.

-- every couple of days the child i gave birth to (as opposed to the wild demon that took his place not long ago) appears, blessing us with his sweet, cuddly presence. it's a tiny light at the end of this 'terrible twos' tunnel because too often i think we are never going to get out of this stage. or worse, that we ARE raising a demon that's going to get kicked out of pre-school for brandishing a broom like a weapon.

-- am ready to stand in line for this movie. lawn gnomes + shakespeare = I AM IN. (also? my friends kick serious ass. thanks heather for finding it!)

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

[album] obsession.

i'm suddenly obsessed with vintage photo albums, like this one.

i'm sure our recent photo session has nothing to do with this new obsession.
nothing at all.
hear that, nate?

ok, FINE. that's a lie.
but look: so pretty!

and this one is so cute, it's ridiculous.

i swear i won't buy them...all.
i swear.