Tuesday, October 12, 2010

[album] obsession.

i'm suddenly obsessed with vintage photo albums, like this one.

i'm sure our recent photo session has nothing to do with this new obsession.
nothing at all.
hear that, nate?

ok, FINE. that's a lie.
but look: so pretty!

and this one is so cute, it's ridiculous.

i swear i won't buy them...all.
i swear.


  1. Second one is way pretty! Are you still into scrapbooking?

  2. colleen - totally, but thanks to this darn restaurant we thought was a good idea, i never have time! adding in a busy toddler and never having a day to myself, i don't get a whole lot of craft time in. :[ if i don't get some soon though, i'm going to mutiny!