Tuesday, October 19, 2010

baking with an (almost) 2 year old.

i imagine baking with piper (you know, the dog that will eat ANYTHING in sight) would be easier.
cash, of course, wanted to stir. which was more swinging the wooden spoon around in the air and getting buttery sugar all over the cupboards than actual stirring.

and as soon as he saw me get the camera out, he hopped off the chair and demanded to look at himself.
this kid is SO VAIN. but it's awfully adorable.

amanda and i proceeded to make a billion little ghosts and pumpkins.
about halfway through icing, we decided to get a little creative.
and then this happened:

it was supposed to be a lawn gnome, but amanda decided it looked more like a pope.
it got progressively worse from there (like one ghost weilding an iron, causing serious head wounds to another ghost.)
hands down, the most fun i've ever had making cookies.

unfortunately, it turns out that neither nate or i (or cash really, for that matter) likes sugar cookies. so the 4 DOZEN this recipe made? have been sitting on the counter ever since.
sugar cookie anyone?

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