Friday, October 15, 2010

consider this your party platter.

bite size helpings of what's going on in our corner of the world:

-- nate and i had the most wonderful one on one talk last night. we don't get a lot of 'us' time and sometimes i forget just how valuable it is. we talked about everything - even silly things that we have probably already told each other. it was healing.
and hilarious:
me: oh! amanda came over today and we made feather hair pieces for my halloween costume.
nate: well, THAT would explain why there were feathers all over the house. i was all freaked out, thinking that cash had maimed a bird. i was picking up the pieces with toilet paper.
me: you thought cash maimed a bird with bright yellow and red feathers?
nate: i didn't say i thought it through. next time, a heads up would be nice.
me: my bad.

-- cash has started speaking sporadically. he now says, 'who's that?' 'what's that?' and mama. and two days ago he said, 'up, please.' i was so startled, i dropped my sandwich on the floor (which piper appreciated.) he hasn't said it since. even though i have been bribing him with all sorts of sugary treats.

-- i've started to enjoy cooking. last weekend i made calzones (which were amazing.) and yesterday i made home-made baked mac and cheese (also, pretty darn good.) seeing as this time last year i couldn't make a grilled cheese sandwich, i'm amazed that anything i make is edible.

-- it has been exceptionally warm here in oregon and i'm over it. i'm ready for cooler weather. i'm also ready for all the damn fruit flies that have taken up residency in my house to freeze and die.

-- every couple of days the child i gave birth to (as opposed to the wild demon that took his place not long ago) appears, blessing us with his sweet, cuddly presence. it's a tiny light at the end of this 'terrible twos' tunnel because too often i think we are never going to get out of this stage. or worse, that we ARE raising a demon that's going to get kicked out of pre-school for brandishing a broom like a weapon.

-- am ready to stand in line for this movie. lawn gnomes + shakespeare = I AM IN. (also? my friends kick serious ass. thanks heather for finding it!)

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