Monday, October 25, 2010

cousin-ly love.

i babysat my niece kahlea last weekend (and when i say babysat, i mean practically kidnap.)
we went to the restaurant for dinner (where she got tastes of her very first tater tot - she was a fan,) and cash was sweet as can be. he demanded that they sit next to each other and would lean over every other minute to give her a sweet little kiss. at first she was ok with it, but by the end she was swatting him away. it didn't deter him one bit.
the kissing didn't stop there:

it went on pretty much all night.
now, i think my kid is pretty awesome. and i think my niece is exceptionally awesome.
but the two of them together? new realms of awesome.
they played, he shared his toys (even pushing the buttons on the noisy ones for her,) he laughed hysterically every time she started crawling and were generally inseparable.

i sense lots of playdates in our future :]

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