Monday, October 18, 2010

top 10 quirks.

1. every time i go to target (which is sometimes far too frequently) i always go to the nail polish aisle to stare at the beautiful colors. it's weird. fun fact: my nails haven't been polish free in over a year. i'm a nut about that too.

2. i kinda love cheez whiz. it's so wrong and good.

3. glee. sigh. that's a painful one to admit. i tried so hard to not get into that show. but last summer i caught an episode and i was hooked. and you know what? it makes me smile. is it completely ridiculous when they burst into song out of nowhere? yes. are the cracks in the plot line getting so huge that i'm afraid one of the ultra skinny cheerios might fall right through it? yup. even still, i like it.

4. as long as i'm 'fessing up to my glee habit...i watch a lot of really terrible television. teen mom? check. 16 & pregnant? never miss an episode. 19 kids and counting? i love those loons. really, i could go on for days. let's just leave it at i have really bad taste in tv shows.

5. nutella is my weakness. i eat it by the spoonful. in fact, i'm eating some now.

6. i have a really weird thing about letting people borrow books - frankly, i hate it. i don't know why, i just do. i lend out books all the time, but every time i do this little voice in the back of my head is like, don't do it - you'll never see that book again! even if it's a book i've already read and have no plans to read again anytime soon, as soon as i hand it off, i want it back instantly. if i lend you one, i must really like you.

7. i have been known to cyber stalk an occasional classmate or two. and then laugh hysterically when i see they've gotten fat, because it makes me feel better about my back rolls.

8. i love folding cash's clothes - they're so small (comparatively) and cute!

9. wine usually gives me a terrible headache but i drink it anyway because it's tasty. reisling is my fave.

10. i sleep best on my back, with my pillow on top of my chest.

and now you officially know too much about me.


  1. Yea, know what that feels like. Harry Potter books, you have had them for over a year!!!

  2. ahem...i don't know what you are talking about mom....


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