Sunday, October 3, 2010

will work for peace.

my head has been clogged with stress and a swirl of madness.
i need to remember not to focus my energies on things (and people) that are out of my control.
it's unfortunate that i can't remember this until after i've cried all day.


  1. sometimes we just need to cry. I'm sorry you're stressed. :( I always love reading your blog and seeing all those happy photos of Cash. Which by the way, he looks like one fabulous reason to smile. Hope you start to feel better soon!

  2. "breathing in, i calm my body
    breathing out, i smile
    dwelling in the present moment,
    i know this is a wonderful moment"

    you are exquisite, peacekeeper.

  3. :(
    Im so sorry, my friend. I understand...there are a lot of tears that I look back on and think...why did I waste a good cry on THEM?!!! But there is some definite release with crying...even though it sucks. I less than three you!