Saturday, November 13, 2010

back to 40.

our family is going through some major changes next week.
i got a 'real' job.
we need the paycheck, but the reality of working more and being away from cash was overwhelming.
like crying all morning, sick to my stomach overwhelming.
nate and i (and cash, consequently) are creatures of routine - we like our days to go as planned.
needless to say, having to get used to a new routine isn't going to be fun.
cash has never been in a daycare like this and i'm nervous for him. or maybe i'm more nervous and sad for myself - i wish we could afford for me to stay home with him, but that's just not the case. and that breaks my heart a little.
on the upside? i won't be coming home smelling like burgers anymore.


  1. Oh Sarah! BIG HUGS to you! I know exactly what you're going through. I remember the first time I dropped T off at daycare...I cried the whole way to school. It was devastating. Really though, more so for you than him. =) Keep your chin up, it gets easier, I promise! And good luck and congratulations on the new job! =)

  2. My lily is in a preschool and although it may be hard at first, I think Cash will learn to like it. Think of all the things that he will be learning from the other kids. Be warned though... I am sure he will catch a bug or two from being around the other kids until his immune system catches us.

    The burger smell is permanent for me- I don't even smell it anymore!
    Lydia in Tulsa