Sunday, November 28, 2010

beginning another normal.

-- this new job (and schedule) has thrown me completely for a loop. between getting cash and myself ready to leave by 7:45, taking him to and picking him up from daycare, making dinner, packing lunches, doing laundry, washing dishes, grocery shopping, christmas shopping and everything else, i haven't had much time to blog. or facebook. or even tweet. sad face.

-- i have been to walgreens more times in the last two weeks then i have EVER been (there is one on my drive home from work, two on my drive home from daycare. ridiculous. also? they have a lot of crap.)

-- cash's 2nd birthday party was sort of disasterous (more on that later.)

-- dropping him off at daycare hasn't gotten any easier. for either of us.

-- i have the best brother in law in the universe. he replaces my light bulbs in exchange for tots. can't beat that.

-- speaking of tots, as for the restaurant...well, it's still there. thank god for janet taking up the slack on things i don't have time for anymore.

-- if anyone wants to take my recycling to the dump, i'd love you forever. and i'd probably give you some tots.

-- cash has taken his love of blueberries to new heights. he takes me over to the fridge, points at the freezer, grunts and signs 'milk' (which has become synonymous with 'please') every 10 minutes until i give in. all. day. long.

-- he also has become incredibly attached to his blue blanket. it only leaves his hands to eat, is quickly becoming less blue and more dingy grey and i have to sneak it out of his crib at night to wash it. god forbid if it's not back in his crib by morning because THE WORLD WILL END if its not.

-- i ordered the pictures for my christmas cards this morning and will consider it a MIRACLE if i get them out before new year's.

and this is is cash's 'i'm busted' face.


  1. This is a tough transition... going to daycare and starting a new (EARLY!!) job has got to be messing with everyone's moods. Hang in there - it will get easier (trust me on this... I've been there a time or two). I <3 you and am always here if you need to talk. Miss you. xoxo