Saturday, November 6, 2010

wherein i almost kill him.

nate: ok, so if you don't want my wet towels on the floor, where exactly would you like me to put them.
me: in the basket.
nate: the basket in our room?
me: first off, that's a hamper, not a basket. and second, NO. the basket in the bathroom.
[nate walks into bathroom - looks around.]]
nate: there is no basket in the bathroom.
me: yes there is - it's in the cabinet.
nate: oh. hey, this is a good idea! when did you start doing that?
me: oh you know...a year and a half ago. WHEN WE MOVED IN.
nate: oh. well, why didn't you tell me before?
me: I DID.
nate: i don't believe you.
me: seriously - i am so close to killing you right now.


  1. I understand there are ways that you can make it look like an accident... :)

  2. I think all husbands are slightly mentally retarded.